NEW! We are dogfooding the newly updated Ashford Pro v2.4 and premium theme called Actuate

How to upgrade

Got a custom theme? That should not stop you from upgrading your child theme to the latest release of Ashford.

Start your upgrade by not doing anything

  • Do not change any settings in WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes
  • Do not delete or change any WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Ashford Options
  • Do not upgrade in production (e.g. on a live site)

Using “Easy Theme and Plug-in Upgrades” plugin from iThemes

The built in Add Theme tools in WordPress will NOT work for upgrading themes.

You can download and install the plugin that will make upgrading easier. Your previous theme version files will automatically be stored in a zip file and added to your Media Library for easy download.

Or manually replace existing files using FTP

We suggest you perform a two stage upgrade — first upgrade in a test environment then upgrade your production site.

  • Using FTP, delete EXISTING files to \wp-content\themes\ashford
  • Using FTP, upload NEW files to \wp-content\themes\ashford

If you are upgrading Ashford Pro, then you must also:

  • Using FTP, delete EXISTING files to \wp-content\themes\ashfordpro
  • Using FTP, upload NEW files to \wp-content\themes\ashfordpro
  • If you are upgrading a child theme, upgrade ashford first then file by file modify your child theme with the new code.

Your Theme Options and all WordPress settings should remain. You may have your widgets reordered or altered in some way.

Upgrade Warning

This NEW v2.0 of Ashford **WILL BREAK** certain aspects of previous Ashford releases. So please upgrade in a staging environment and not in production. Based on upgrading this site and several others, here is what to expect when upgrading to v2.0.

  • Several page templates are deprecated and/or renamed, pages using those templates will revert to the default page.php
  • Several sidebars are deprecated, so your widgets will reorder
  • The CSS has been refactored and your site may have display bugs your CSS has been customized

All Pro users upgrading will be fully supported via the Google Group. All free users are encouraged to send bugs and issues to Expect fixes and bugs to be released as fast as possible.