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Free, Pro and Premium themes for WordPress

Thousands of professionals trust Ashford to build unique sites. No one will think, “This is just another WordPress site.” Not sure which Ashford theme is best for your project? Compare and pick the right one for your project »

Ashford CMS

The Ashford CMS Framework is FREE. It is a “brilliant”, “high-quality” parent theme for a personal or small web site. It has loads of features, but not all are enabled.

If your project requires: mobile, mega menus, slideshows or support—consider buying the Pro version.

Info Cost: Free

Ashford Pro

Ashford Pro is a CMS framework that professionals and coders trust to build remarkable WordPress web sites and blogs. If you are a professional, you get a theme that can be customized without any knowledge of CSS, HTML or PHP. If you are a developer, you can code a custom child themes (2 child themes included $68 value).

Buy Cost: $49

Ally Premium

NEW preium theme for those not interested in a framework. Boldly designed for mobile first. It is uncluttered and capable of leading your organization into the mobile future. It costs LESS (if you can believe it) than Ashford Pro but includes all the features plus support for building Facebook Page Tab Apps.

Buy Cost: $34


Fine-tune your message and organize your site to maximize impact, find-ability and search engine ranking. Pro and Premium themes create over 250 variations.


Easily add an interactive creative to any page and supercharge your message. Nine heroes available: squeeze, carousels, sliders, slideshows and rotating banners.

Post Formats

Pro and Premium themes support all WordPress post formats (image, gallery, video, audio, status, quote, chat, link, aside) for the desktop and mobile.

Mega Menus

Studies show mega menus are the best way to organize a complex site. Pro and Premium themes allow easily build mega menus using custom menus or text widgets.


Each page template has a default sidebar, however, you can choose a different sidebar OR add a custom sidebar. No plugins needed. No additional templates.


Using custom headers and backgrounds, color styles, web fonts, non-coders can build unique sites. No one will think your site is just another WordPress site.


Ashford enables you to share responsibilty with other team members in your organization. If they know WordPress, they can confidently run your Ashford web site.


Ten minutes after activating Pro or Premium theme, you can view your mobile site. No third-party plugins or separate themes or bloated code.


Ashord is your WordPress solution NOW and the FUTURE. It is optimized for search engines (SEO), page load speed, HTML, upgradibility and security.

Ashford is a trusted WordPress theme

First released in July 2008, Ashford is a premium content management theme for WordPress that non-technical individuals and professional coders trust. It  is easy to use, thoroughly documented and supported by an expert community. It expands the capabilities of WordPress capable of building any type of web site. It has been downloaded over 20,000 times and called “Brilliant”, “High Quality”, and “Beautiful” by Smashing Magazine, Most Inspired, Instashift, Six Revisions and Heal Your Church.

MIT Licensed code is compatible with GPL
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It took me a while to find out if MIT licensed code like Foundations is compatible with WordPress and GPL. The verdict is yes.

Jim bought Ashford for price and the quality of the showcase sites
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Jim purchased Ashford WordPress theme for a “combination of price and the quality of the sites that are using it.”


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Women's Self Defense Blog

How to focus navigation for optimal mobile results

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Ashford Pro gives you the ability to have a mobile site without the use of additional themes or plugins. It can detect a mobile phone and deliver an optimized mobile experience. Ashford allows you to use the same content for both desktop and mobile. If you own Ashford Pro, you can enable the mobile experience by setting [...]

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Reign Ministries uses an Ashford Pro custom child theme to create a rich, robust site that feels alive and active. Shown here are:

  • Effective use of page templates
  • Extensive use of all types of post formats
  • Author pages which make the site feel alive
  • Rich page content using tabs

If you are a coder or advanced online professional, you can learn how to create a custom child themes using our step by step Dev guide. Reign is heavily customized but still under it all is the SAME Ashford Pro as you can buy and start using in minutes.

What is a WordPress theme framework?

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On the Google Group, a new Pro owner asked, : “Tim, I still don’t have my head wrapped around the framework. Is there any kind of a guide or instructions?” My answer is to point to the Dev documentation on how to create a child theme. But I want to clarify the difference between a framework, parent [...]

A consumer acquisition agency, FaceTime Strategy, names Ashford as a Top Ten WordPress theme
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How to use 960 Grid System instead of tables

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I recently wanted to update the demo page to present different demos as a table. However, I re-coded it using Grid 960 so that it is mobile friendly. Tables with more than a few columns, although supported by mobile browsers, often do not display well on small screens. The advantage of using the Grid System [...]