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Halloween Costume Site Uses Ashford

by on August 25, 2009 » Add the first comment.

I like to see Ashford used in the wild and as a geek I’m really interested in how people modified the code. I get to see what’s important and get an idea of priorities.

32936Costumes Best is a “micro-site” using Ashford to scour “through thousands of costumes on the internet, saving you precious time, to distill your selections and options to the best costume styles and ideas for Halloween, Mardi Gras, masquerade and themed parties. You’ll find the standards done with style, as well as the unique or hard to find”.

They are use Ashford three column page templates, its built in search engine optimization tools, search and widgets to run Google Adsense too. They replaced the blog title and tagline with a custom logo too and used a few plugins.

My take aways is that I need to add “advanced SEO tools” so that people do not have to use the All In One SEO Pack plugin. Right now Ashford auto-generates keyword and description tags for pages. The descriptions are fine, but the keywords for pages are weak.

I still want to default to autogenerating these tags, but give advanced users the ability to write their own keyword and description meta tags.


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