NEW! We are dogfooding the newly updated Ashford Pro v2.4 and premium theme called Actuate

Showing off Axis Pro

by on September 13, 2010 » Add the first comment.

I am newly jazzed about Ashford development and decided to show off my best kept secret. Last Spring, I designed Axis Pro and just activated it as the main Ashford site theme. I’m finding a few bugs which I’m fixing and will release to all existing and new Axis owners by the end of the week. I hope that you find this a nice change.

I always try to eat my own dogfood so it is always nice to actually build sites with a theme. I will be launching new “demo” sites for Ashford, Ashford Pro and Axis in the coming months.

Plus, there are a couple new things to watch for in the next few weeks.

A new “Dev” service, where for a yearly fee, you will get support for child theming, mobile development, creating site networks and making money with Ashford. This will also include an affiliate program and the ability to sell Ashford child themes in our store.

I’m writing the roadmap for Ashford v2.0 which will be re-factored to take advantage of all new WordPress 3.0 features plus providing a mobile solution and solutions for developing a site network. I really look forward to the next few months.


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