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First copy of Axis Sold

by on April 23, 2010 » Add more comments.

Just want to celebrate the sale of my first child theme for Ashford Pro, Axis made its debut earlier today and within hours the first copies where being sold.

Axis is a child theme which allows you to choose from 7 bold color schemes: blue, green, grey, lime, pink, purple and red. Change your colors easily from the Ashford Theme Options screen. For just $79, you get all the features of Ashford Pro and a sleek visual design:

  • Strong colors that make your web site stand out
  • Rich 3-D surfaces that show attention to detail
  • Soft gradients that transition the visitor’s to all regions of the page

If you are an existing Pro owner, you can get a promotional link from the Ashford Pro Cohort Google Group and get it for just $14. In the future, all Pro or Axis owners will be able to buy new child themes for $14.

Buy Axis


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