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100th Copy of Ashford Pro Sold

by on March 9, 2010 » Add more comments.

As a way of getting back into the habit of blogging for Ashford, I just want to celebrate sale the 100th copy of Ashford Pro. Thanks everyone.

Pro owners are the ones which push the ongoing development and improvement of the FREE version of Ashford. So anyone using the Free version, should thank you too.

New Release Coming Soon

Now with that, I want to announce that this site and blog are now running the v0.7 release. After a little more testing, I plan on releasing the new version of Ashford and Pro by Friday this week.

The free version gets many items which make it more stable. I improved the hint system and spent a lot of time commenting the CSS and PHP files. You now should be able to more easily customize the navigation drop down menus.

The most exciting features where developed for Pro owners. I am testing out a couple of these features on this blog.

The big development is that Heros are NOT just for images anymore. Now you can create a blog post carousel like you see on my Blog. That is pretty cool and easy. You will be able to create four other kinds of Hero region: sliders, slideshows, posts and pitches. I will also start testing a Hero type called “Squeeze” that allows you to capture a visitors email before they click on a button.

The other development is that now you can create listing pages and control the layout. So you can create a topic listing page which displays all the posts for a category as a gridded thumbnails. Or you can create a author page which lists all the posts by an author along with their bio and Twitter links.

There are now four listing pages (author, topic, blog, pages) and you can choose from 5 different layouts with or without a right sidebar.
These listing pages are NOT limited to blog posts. But you can also create listings of child pages.

I give you 2 new page templates. One called tabs — it displays your page content then under it pulls in the content from its child pages and displays it as tabs. Awesome.

Stay tuned.


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7 Responses to 100th Copy of Ashford Pro Sold

  • ernie says:

    Thanks Tim for all you development work! Ashford rocks!

  • ernie says:

    Thanks Tim for all your development work! Ashford rocks!

  • Thanks Tim, I’ve just switched a website for one of our church events to Ashford! It’s been really great, and makes my job so easy, as everybody can publish now.

    I’m still working on it, but it’s 100% functional!

    Am I the first Ashford Theme user from Brazil?

    Pedro De Marco

  • Mark Hoober says:

    Looking forward to the release on this. Cant wait to implement.

  • Anh2 says:

    Congratulation Tim.
    Thank you so much.

  • Sergio says:

    I’m user of Hybrid and Thematic, the best WP frameworks… I’ve discovered Ashford and I’m more comfortable. Thanks!
    Please continue with this framework for a long time!

  • Startup guy says:

    There used to be a demo of Ashford which was helpful in visualising the site design. We would all appreciate if the demo can be fixed & brought LIVE once again.

    Ashford Rocks!

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